Monday, February 23, 2015

Non attached attachment

Kawan kawan aku makin ramai pulak yang nak kawen. Aku kadang rasa aku too comfort being single. Tapi kadang rasa tak best.

So bila makin ramai kawan yang dah kawen, yang nak kawen, yang ada anak, yang pregnant, aku terus rasa stress. Stress bukan sebab aku nak kawen jugak. Tapi sebab aku pikir kalo semua kawen, tinggal aku je lah nanti yang single?

Aku single. Aku tak suka attachment yang memerlukan commitment. Kalau kawan rapat je ok lah tapi more than that rasa macam tak best. Tak best sebab aku sendiri yang mental. Nanti dah couple kang aku sibuk nak tau dia buat apa. Dia pergi mana. Aku sendiri pun rasa rimas kalo camtu. Camne eh nak cakap, nak ada somebody special tapi aku taknak jugak sebab nanti aku buat diri aku serabut. Gituu.

As for now, aku selesa kawan je. Takde yang special. Ehh tapi kadang nak jugak yang special. Tapi taknak lah suami. Boiprennggg je udeh. Tak suka, boleh gaduh, masam muka. Jadi laki, berani kau nak gaduh masam muka bagai? Kena petirrr kang.

Aku dalam dilema.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Reflecting Twin.


Last two days, I went for a dinner with this twin-yet-different-age close fren of mine. I think I blogged about this twin before. We had our dinner somewhere at Alor Star and he asked me if I had any plan for tomorrow (Yesterday).. I intially dont really have any.. well not that I didnt have any, I do have.. lots of them when it comes to jalan jalan. But being me, money is always the culprit that stops me from having any plan. #insert a deep breath here. So he asked if I wanted to go to Pinang.

Then I suddenly told him, "Nanti nanti kita pergi Gunung Jerai nak?", then he was like "Bila".. Duhhh. I just said 'nanti nanti'.. Ok so the plan for the next day was kiv-ed till the next morning.

I went to pick him up the next day. Then he asked me, "kereta ke moto?", and being the longing-for-a-ride me, of course I wanted to ride. So he was like, "okay". Then he asked "Nak pergi Gunung Jerai?".. omgggg. How can I not want to. We went there and we explored almost every road there, till the top of the gunung.. the one with army guarding the area.. kinda like border of Kedah-Penang. Then we went to Pulau Dayang Bunting.

I had lots of fun. I really do. Except that my waist, my back, my leg are all cramping till now. It was my idea to go on a ride anyway.

We had same thought.
We loved doing same thing.
Just that we dont love each other.

He has a girlfren. And I honestly respect his gf for having way too much patience to handle him. Hahaha. Well, it's like having somebody to control me, I think he would say the same.

How can I not say so.. We had lots of things in common. Seeing him is exactly like seeing me. My reflection. Sometimes I even have this "ohh..aku cenggitu jugak..mesti ramai je yang annoying dengan aku" when we occasionally fought. Hahahahahahaha. The reflection of me.

But then, we have another thing in common, and that is "ah lantak lah org nak cakap apa. Tak peduli". Sucks huh?

It's good having a close fren u can hang out with, be serious with, be silly with, depend on, yell out to, bully. Fren. Just fren.

Oh, here is a picture of him from back. Cant put the real picture of him. Lots of people do know him. Seriously. A lot. And not to forget, dia tak suka bergambar tapi suka amik gambar.. guess picture sape lagi banyak? Kahkahkah.